SafetyWeb for iPhone traces your child’s online footprint and arms you with the tools, resources, & know-how to be knowledgeable online parents. It is a simple way to keep you informed about the security and privacy of your child online and instantly alerts you to dangers via easy-to-read, comprehensive reports.

IMPORTANT: SafetyWeb for iPhone requires you to have a SafetyWeb account. To sign up for a SafetyWeb account, visit
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SafetyWeb is an affordable subscription service that scours the Internet and searches over 800 million public profiles to monitor your child’s online activity.
When you subscribe, you’ll receive:
• Information about what your child is doing in cyberspace & with whom
• Alerts if your child is being threatened by peers or others
• Warnings if your child is behaving online in a way that may hurt his/her reputation or future
• Help to clean up any online damage that may have already occurred
• Facts & figures about current issues relating to kids and teens in cyberspace
• Tips on how your child can safely use the Internet and a cell phone