doddle is the first International, Interactive, Digital Mobile Production Guide for the Film and Video Industry.

Imagine taking all the production guides from around the world, and putting them in the palm of of your hand. Well now you can, with doddle. No more wasting countless hours frantically searching through antiquated and cumbersome production guides or squandering precious time calling disconnected equipment rental shops. In short, doddle makes it possible to work the way you do, “On the go”. This extraordinary app is revolutionizing the production industry, letting professionals spend less time chained to a desk and more time in the field where the magic is created.
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There are online production directories, but doddle goes light years beyond those to give production professionals the mobile tools and refreshable data access to make their jobs swifter and saner, giving them more brain cells to devote to creating great art.
Everything and Everyone who touches production world, from Producers, Directors, Photographers, Lighting, Sound, Crew, Talent, Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Transportation.....will be at your fingertips, using all the greatest communication tools the iPhone can offer.

* Free To List/Register, Free To Use (optional upgrades available)
* Search 100's of categories for Vendors,Crew, Talent, Film Commissions/State Agencies
* Optional Premium Listings Include detailed Bios, Resumes,Photos/Headshots, and full motions videos linked from Youtube
* Search By Name, Or Search Categories By City/State/Zip, Closest to Other Contacts, or Engage Your GPS or a radius search from where you're standing (set 5 -5000 miles)
* Communicate Instantly Via Phone, SMS, Web
* Save Recent Searches
* Group Your Favorites - ie...favorite sound guys in LA, favorite actors in New Orleans, in any way you can imagine for easy access.
* Entire US - soon the world
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