Michael - Scientist

: 57

College: University Kwazulu-Natal

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Book: The World As I See It - Albert Einstein

Favorite Movie: Charlie Chaplin - Gold Rush

Favorite Food: Green peas on mashed potatoes with gravy.

Favorite Drink: Tea

Favorite Sport: Cycling

Favorite Saying: Let me think about that.

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Michael is our Scientist.  He is the one who checks that the equations for our programs are correct.  (Not everyone knows 2+2 = 4)  He is very good at math as he was born before calculators were invented.  Michael has bachelors degree in science and learned some really hard math a long long time ago.  If you spend some time with Michael he will tell a bit about South Africa where he grew up.  Although he will not readily tell you he learned how to write with a dip pen when he was small.  Michael loves the little town of Niwot where he lives for its quiet life where he  can reflect on the meaning of Life.
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