Mick - CEO

Age: 47

College: Durban University

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Favorite Book: Unto Dust - Herman Charles Bosman

Favorite Movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy - Jamie Uys

Favorite Food: Roast Chicken with stuffing.

Favorite Drink: Merlot

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite Saying: Can you do that now.
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Mick is the head honcho. Even though he is the boss man he is quite laid-back and does not order the other employees around too much. Mick likes to keep things running smoothly so he always makes sure there is enough coffee and tea for Mike and Michael. Sometimes Mick will be a great sport and will buy everyone burrito’s for lunch. As the head honcho Mick is responsible for all the paper work, marketing and sales.