Pill Puzzle

Phone Call from Apple

I was briefly excited when the phone rang and it said Apple Inc on the Caller ID.  Maybe they were going feature one of my applications?  What was the call for?  Before I could let my mind wander much further I answered the call and a very nice Apple employee told me that I had to remove the Cover Flow look alike images from my screen shots.  At first I thought I had to remove it from Pill Puzzle, which would not have been nice at all.  But it was just one of the images that I used to promote the application on iTunes.  The change has been done.  I should have asked for a phone number so that I could have my Apple insider.

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Pill Puzzle Updated

The new version of Pill Puzzle has been released.  there are two new levels.  I see that what I write in the “What is new section” is what users see.  I thought this was what the Apple reviewers saw and so I did not hype up the two new fantastic levels that are just fabulous.  Well this a learning experience.  I just received an email though telling me that the review of “Pill Puzzle” has been delayed.  I hope they mean the Lite version as the updated Pill Puzzle seems be available.

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Pill Puzzle is live

The Pill Puzzle game is now live on the app store.  You can download it here.  The free lite version has also been approved but I have not been able to find it in the app store.  So go and give the game a try, I am sure that you will like it.  Reviews are also great they help to get applications noticed.

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Sent Pill Puzzle to Apple for approval

I finally sent the Pill Puzzle game to Apple for approval.  There is  a free Lite version, with just 5 games so that you can get the feel for the app and the full version with about 26 games.  Hopefully they will approve the apps within two weeks.  I now need to focus on getting the word out, and thinking of the next application.

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New Beta Available

There is a new beta available.  I have added new levels and fixed a few bugs to make the application more stable when it received “Memory Warning” messages.

The new Beta can be downloaded from here.

If you have donwloaded the provisioning profile you can do that from here.

Just unzip the files and drag and drop them onto iTunes.

As always if you have a problem please contact me.

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Latest Beta

The latest version of Pill Puzzle can be found here.  If you have not copied the provisioning profile to iTunes you can find it here.  I have added more screens to play.  Things are going slowly as I am on vacation away from my laptops.

Same instructions as before.

Unzip both files and then drag and drop the contents onto iTunes.  You need to install both files into iTunes otherwise the app will not run.

You cannot send anyone else these links as it will not work for them.  I have to compile the application with your UDID.

Do your normal sync process and the application should appear on your iPhone.

Please email me if you have problems installing the application and of course I would love to hear back from you as to how the program was.

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