doddle Update

We have a new version of doddle in the iTunes app store. I added some nice upgrades to the app to allow for faster searching of categories. We originally had category search in our early drafts and then removed it as the thinking was that you could easily browse through the categories to find what you want. But it soon became apparent that was not the case once people started using it. This is a great example of why I like to get the app out and into users hands before you spend a whole lot of time building the wrong thing. We fortunately did not build the wrong thing, but I would have done some under the hood things differently that would improve performance even more.

It is great seeing the listings being added. As we get more data the app will become more useful and we will get the snowball effect as more users sign on. Have you signed on? Have you bought a banner ad. I am sure you can get an early bird special if you buy a banner ad now. See for details.

doddlePro is going well, I have completed a big section of the call sheets, but have quite a bit more to do. But the first alpha testing of the app is just beginning.

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NAB Trade Show

Back from the NAB Show in Las Vegas. It was great to meet the entire Doddle team under one roof. We all have virtual offices and so don’t see each other very often. Plus we live all around the country.

The NAB trade show was a great success. Nearly everyone who saw the app had a “wow that is really cool” moment. We now need to get the data loaded so that the app goes beyond, “that is really cool” to “this is absolutely useful” and “I use it everyday”.

I have the opinion that everyone is in sales, so while I am the iPhone developer it was good to get out there and talk to the end users and hear their questions. Some customers had great ideas on what they would like to see in the app down the road.

We had terrible Internet connectivity which was good in some respects as I feel that some of the data transfers can be changed to give the app a snappier feel. I do have some data caching built in, but want to enhance that to make it more useful.

I am going to add some updates to the current version and then it will be time to work on DoddlePro which will have integrated Call Sheets.

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About to Start Doddle Beta

I think this is the first time I am openly talking about Doddle.  Doddle is the Top Secret iPhone application that I have been working on for what seems like a very long time.  We have version 1 about to go into beta testing this week.  It has been a mad scramble trying to wrap up all those loose strings.  The website issues seemed to be more of a big knot, but the folks working hard on that have pretty much resolved all the major issues.  Now it is just the minor issue.  The iPhone app is talking nicely to the website, that houses most of the data.  So what is this app.  Well if you are in the film production industry this is the too die for app.  Yes I have to say that I am very proud of the work that has been by the entire Doddle team.  What to know more, come and see the promotional videos, I know you will want to sign up.

Are you going to the NAB Show in Las Vegas?  If so come by the Doddle booth and say Hi!

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