Best App Ever Awards

I was just reading on Mobile Orchard that 148Apps is holding their second annual “Best App Ever Awards” for iPhone Applications.  There are 55 categories, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a “Best App for Primary School Kids”.  That is so great that the educational apps have been broken down into sub sections as many educational apps are geared toward different end users.

I naturally nominated my “Math Explosion Multiplication and Division” App as it is a great way to get kids to learn their Multiplication and Division facts without using boring flash cards.  The game is pretty simple and is based off minute math, where you have to solve as many equations as quickly as possible within 1 minute.  It is race against time as the fuse burns down on the dynamite.  The equations are initially easy and get progressively harder.  The kids use a calculator type interface to enter their answers as I think the multiple choice approach leads to guessing.  If you are successful you are rewarded with fireworks and you get to go to the next level.  If you are not successful the screen “blows up” and you have to start again.

For parents and educators the application only shows equations you have not seen or have previously got wrong.  The game also has a high score system so you can see how well a child did.  Plus it gets kids motivated to try to do better each time.

For the kids the buttons make fun sounds which of course include fart noises.  Having levels and a scoring system gets them trying to beat their friends and they try to go so fast to beat the fuse.

So go and nominate “Math Explosion Multiplication and Division” for “The Best App for Primary School Kids

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