iPhone and email woes

I noticed more than a month ago that the email application on my iPhone was not working correctly.  It seemed to be a setup issue as I had changed my passwords and did not want to deal with it at the time.  I have multiple email accounts and out of habit use gmail via the Safari browser on my iPhone.  I have always used gmail via the browser as downloading just 50 emails at a time was too limiting.  I used get 1000’s of emails and I am not counting spam.  So the need to sort and search were extremely important.  I was a little concerned that with the built in email not working that I was going to have a problem sending email via an application.  I had some spare time tonight and thought that a password update would fix it all.  But to no avail.  Both emails are accessed via Google, one is a gmail account and the other is a personal domain that has the email hosted by Google.  They both use imap.google.com but only the personal domain was working.  It had to be a configuration issue as imap.google.com was working for the one account.  I checked and double checked, retyped in the passwords and then triple checked and still no luck.  I even went to far as to delete the accounts and restart the iPhone.  Even with just the one account I could not get it work.  The configurations on both the iPhone and on the Google end were identical.  Eventually I found a post that said I need to go to https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha from my iPhone as my account had been “locked”  Sure enough I entered my best guess for the squiggly Captcha and everything is working.  Sure would have been nice to know that 2 hours ago.

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