Math Explosion has been updated

It took more than 12 hours after I had finished the Math Explosion update to upload it to Apple for review.  Itunesconnect has always been slow for me, but it was timing out and simply hanging there.  I tried again the next morning and was still having the same issues with zero response when I tried to upload the binary.  A quick check on Twitter and I saw many other folks were having problems too.  A few hours later I finally manged to upload the new version.  So in about two weeks time it will be released.  I changed the app from free to $0.99 thinking that I was changing it for the new version only, but it appears there is only one place to have a price.  So the price changed early, which is fine as I should have been selling it already.  I decided to change Math Explosion Multiplication and Division to be for sale for $0.99 too.  The update for the Math Explosion Multiplication and Division should be complete early next week.

Have a Fantastic Friday.

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